Machine Quilting Robot
Fast, Simple, Powerful, & Accurate
Quilting Robotics for Today and Tomorrow
A Different Philosphy for Superior Results
We believe that a quilting robotic system should do one thing - and that is SEW Really Well! Other systems rely on personal computers that handle myriads of other tasks and are not designed for realtime devices. The MQR relies on a computer that was specifically designed for the purpose of quilting. The result is smoother, faster and more accurate sewing... ALWAYS!
PC Quilter Retrofit
The same ease of use with many of the features of our long arm system! Best of all, your equipment can be upgraded to the Long Arm version of the MQR when (or if) you're ready
MQR for Long Arm Quilting Systems
Two models to choose from - both with outstanding performance and accuracy. Our Home MQR Model features whisper quiet operation, special cosmetic touches and moderate speed. Our Industrial MQR Model features more power and speed without sacrificing accuracy!.