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MQR for Long Arm Quilting Systems

Our robotic system for Long Arms features a number of unique features and boasts incredibly accurate sewing quality at high speeds. Our system is not only quiet, but it's fast too.

The MQR is a true Commercial model motion control system offering a top speed of 5" per second and a recommended speed for highly detailed patterns of 1.3" - 1.6" per second.

Main Features of the MQR for Long Arm Systems:

    • Intuitive, graphical touch screen interface with on screen visual representation of your pattern while you sew, rewind or fast-forward.
    • NO direct PC hookup necessary. The MQR uses standard SD memory cards to transfer the design from Pro-Q Designer to the Control Panel.
    • Design software runs on your home computer, not on the robotic system! Pro-Q Designer software included to create full quilt layouts, digitize and edit existing patterns. Best of all Pro-Q Designer is Vista and XP compatible. Users report it also runs well on the Mac under Parallels.
    • INCREDIBLE sewing qualtiy! We challenge anyone to compare.
    • Easy updates to MQR firmware. There is no need to disassemble the system. Firmware updates are done via the SD memory card. Just insert the card and reboot the system.
    • Modular system makes it easy to troubleshoot issues.
    • One year warranty. Support "on call" 7 days a week.
    • Fast disconnect from your long arm allows you to switch back and forth from free motion to the MQR and back again. There is LESS THAN 6 ounces additional weight added to most carriages for the MQR connection.
    • No Stitch Regulator necessary. MQR moves your system at a consistent speed.
    • "Bang-Bang-Sew" gives you the fastest access to straight line sewing of any system. GREAT for cross hatching and "ruler work" without the ruler!
    • Teach Mode lets you define geometric shapes rapidly to do SID or echo pieced stars or other odd shapes.
    • Scripting lets you "load" all your patterns for a quilt at once. There is no need to track your progress. You can even insert notes in your script to remind you of thread changes, needle placement, etc.
    • Remote operation with our control panel allows you to pause (or operate) your system from up to 20' away so that you can efficiently multitask.
    • AND MUCH MORE including unique features that will be added without charge to existing users.

PRICING: $9555 (taxes additional in Texas - installation and delivery extra if more than 50 miles from San Antonio, Texas)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: pricing for all MQR systems will increase by $100 on June 10th, 2017.