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MQR Retrofit for the PC Quilter


The Machine Quilting Robot Retrofit for the PC Quilter addresses a number of concerns that users have had over the last few years. If you are totatlly satisfied with your current system and do not need the additional feature offered by the MQR, we see no reason why you should consider the retrofit.

As you may have already read, the MQR has a radically different philosophy from most robotic systems. We distilled what quilters felt a quilting robot should do down to the essentials - and made sure it did those tasks extremely well. Next, we streamlined the user interface so that the enduser was never more than a couple of selections away from whatever they wanted to do. The result was an interface so simple and intuitive that our users are up and running within minutes of installation.

Perhaps the most startling fact we discovered was that most quilters prefer to have a clear picture of what their quilt was going to look like before they ever got to the sewing stage. Because of that, we chose Pro-Q Designer as the layout and design tool to complement the MQR.

Overall, users of the Studio (or Pro) models of the PC Quilter will notice the most significant improvement is 3 areas: operational noise, smoothness of sewing and effective sewing speed. Click Here for more info.

Main features of the MQR PC Quilter Retrofit:

    • Fast, easy installation. Most users complete installation and testing in under a half hour.
    • Intuitive, graphical touch screen interface with on screen visual representation of your pattern while you sew, rewind or fast-forward.
    • NO direct PC hookup necessary. The MQR uses standard SD memory cards to transfer the design from Pro-Q Designer to the Control Panel.
    • IMPROVED sewing qualtiy! We challenge anyone to compare.
    • Easy updates to MQR firmware. There is no need to disassemble the system. Firmware updates are done via the SD memory card. Just insert the card and reboot the system.
    • Modular system makes it easy to troubleshoot issues.
    • One year warranty if installed, used and maintained according to instructions. Support "on call" 7 days a week. (Yes, you will void your PC Quilter warranty. It is the same as putting a different brand of engine in your car.)
    • Add or change registration jumps before you sew.
    • Return to a memorized location on your quilt after bobbin changes, etc..
    • Uses the same direct connect puck as the PC Quilter.
    • "Bang-Bang-Sew" gives you the fastest access to straight line sewing of any system. GREAT for cross hatching and "ruler work" without the ruler!
    • Teach Mode lets you define geometric shapes rapidly to do SID or echo pieced stars or other odd shapes.
    • Scripting lets you "load" all your patterns for a quilt at once. There is no need to track your progress. You can even insert notes in your script to remind you of thread changes, needle placement, etc.
    • Remote PAUSING and operation with our control panel allows you to control your system from up to 20' away so that you can efficiently multitask.
    • Operation is quieter and effective sewing speeds are slightly higher (performance improvements vary by model).
    • Special upgrade path allows you to recover some of your costs should you decide to upgrade to a long arm version of the MQR in the future.
    • AND MUCH MORE including unique features that will be added without charge to existing users.

PRICING: $2295 for owners of Pro-Q Designer. $2995 for MQR + Pro-Q Designer software.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: pricing for all MQR systems will increase by $100 on June 10th, 2017.