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Our Philosophy

We believe that a quilting robotic system should do one thing - and that is SEW Really Well! Many other systems rely on contntrolling software which runs on personal computers. Typically, those same personal computers handle myriads of other tasks and are not designed for realtime devices. The MQR relies on a computer that was specifically designed for the purpose of quilting. The result is smoother, faster and more accurate sewing... ALWAYS!

Below are some of the key points that we incorporated in the design of the MQR.

Ease of Use

Our biggest challenge was designing a system that had lots of capabilities, yet was simple to use. Our control panel is designed that you should rarely be more than two button pushes away from doing anything you want! There are no numbers to enter or math calculations - in fact you won't find a numeric keypad anywhere on our system. ALL of our users agree that the MQR interface is INCREDIBLY easy to use!

Intuitive Interface

We used common symbols and terminology that make it easy to understand the MQR's basic functions. Our beta testers were able to pick up the basics of the entire system and were sewing within minutes of getting the MQR installed. Some of our testers had NEVER used any quilting robotics systems before, and were not familiar with any other systems. They found the MQR just as easy to use as users who had previous experience with Quilting Robotics.

Modular Construction

The components for our system are VERY modular and easy to swap out. We use standard connectors and commonly available cables and memory cards. We have easy to follow troubleshooting techniques to help you pinpoint a problem. We'll never ask you to take any of our boxes apart! If we diagnose a problem that is under warranty, a replacement module will be on its way the next business day!

Easy Updates

You'll never have to swap a chip or do a complex firmware update. Our system automatically detects an update on your memory card the next time you start the system and installs it.

Powerful Layout and Digitizing Software

Most of the hard work happens BEFORE you start sewing. To be a successful quilter, you have to think about patterns, the layout of the quilt, the sizes, etc. first. Pro-Q Designer by Quilting Mouse Technologies was chosen as the layout and design software for the MQR. It comes with complete training materials and comprehensive support.

Support When You Need It

MQR support is on call. While we ask that you contact us during regular business hours if possible, we understand that many users can't. We make ourselves available an average of 84 hours a week. Please consult the Contact Us page for hours and availability.


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