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What Our Customers Say

Below are comments from our customers who have given us permission to share them with the public. If you wish to contact them for more information, many of them are on our Yahoo users group called MQR_Users.

Al - MQR just keeps getting better.

I cannot thank you enough for getting me started with MQR.  With Pro-QDesigner and MQR, sewing quilts has gotten easier and more fun.  MQR is easy to use and I am able to sew faster, accurately and quieter and smoother than I ever hoped to do with PCQuilter.  HQ16 with Pro model PCQuilter carriage adapted to MQR WORKS. 

Laying out quilting patterns on Pro-QD and then demonstrating MQR has been very impressive for clients.
Being able to see a whole quilting layout on Pro-QD and then being able to watch the pattern pass sew out on the MQR screen is a real advantage.  If bobbin runs out resetting to start over is easier than ever and accurate.  Pausing and skipping over an applique is easy. 
I would highly recommend MQR to anyone considering a computerized quilting system.  It is  less complicated than others I have observed and it works.

Barb - I am delighted to tell anyone about how great the MQR technology is and how easy it is to learn and use.

When I received my MQR (PC Quilter retrofit), it only took me about 20 minutes to get it up and running.  I am one of the types who never read the manual until much later:) I didn't have to even look at the manual as it was so intuitive to use.  I am crazy about this technology.  It is so much fun to use and watch my quilts sew out exactly like I laid them out in Pro-Q Designer software.  I can only compare it to what I was using previously which was the PC Quilter.
The MQR technology is light years ahead of what I had been using.  If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced computer quilting setup, I recommend MQR.

Sandy - I love my MQR.

I have it attached to my APQS Ultimate 1 long arm machine which does not have a stitch regulator. The MQR system is easy to operate, easy to remove. The stitching is beautiful (that is the APQS, not necessarily the MQR)and even (that is definately the MQR). I use Pro-Q to lay out my designs, take it to the MQR and stitch away.

At under $10,000 I think it is very affordable. I have not seen any problem with taking a 12" design and shrinking it to, say, 6 inches. It is still quilting out nicely for me, though I may need to change the speed. I have also enlarged designs, though I am limited to the size of the quilting area of my machine, without any issues to far.


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